Car Park System


  • Desktop ID card reader
  • Read distance : 7-10cm (depending on ID card type)
  • High sensitivity, low power consumption, good stability
  • Work instructions: built-in buzzer, reader LED indicator
  • Parking system control board
  • Standard TCP/IP network port
  • 32 bits ARM CPU
  • Embedded RTOS operation system
  • Low power consumption
  • Working temperature -40℃ to 80℃
  • Lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference design, good stability
  • Card receiver
  • Industrial grade design. Suitable for high and low temperature operation
  • Support anti-continuous card insert function
  • Output pulse control switch after card receiving successfully
  • Supports I/O and RS232 ports
  • After receive card, return card after 3s no reading operation
  • Provide secondary development technical support
  • Loop Detector
  • Industrial grade design
  • 3 sensitivity levels adjustable.
  • Supports multi output ports
  • Fault self-detected function
  • Realized barrier close automatically after car pass
  • Smart Parking barrier
  • IP65 rated protection Level
  • 2.00mm thickness
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Built-in function barrier open when meet with resistance
  • Unique ellipse barrier arm with silicone design
  • Card Dispsenser (High Level)
  • Industrial grade design, adapt to variety of temperature
  • Patented Sensing technology, strong and dustproof
  • Special design of RFID card
  • Use for 0.3 mm~1.5mm thickness card
  • Supports I/) port and RS232 control
  • Auto alarm of fault
  • Outdoor Guidance Screen
  • Available parking space display, number could be 999 max
  • Red and green color LEDs, high brightness
  • Aluminium housing
  • Black paint
  • Outdoor guidance screen
  • Available parking space display
  • Single color, high brightness
  • Customized display info available
  • Cold rolled steel housing
  • Black paint