Infosat Headend Analog


  • Read-out of input level strength, no need for field strength meter
  • Sharpest filters on the market, support max. 20 adjacent channels (Frequencies)
  • Real-time AGC on all individual multiplexes,max.+45dB on UHF  
  • Excellent quality of the output signal at 105 dBuV  
  • Easy and Fast installation with Friendly User
  • Made in Belgium / Distributed by INFOSAT
  • Agile PLL, Mudulator, 115dB, 19" Rack (E2-U69)
  • SAW Filter SSB Modulator, 45-870 MHz
  • If processing with one high quality SAW Filter-Single Side Band
  • PLL technique with high precision and stability
  • Clamp circuit with high anti-hum performance
  • Digits LED for channel display
  • 12 Months Warranty by INFOSAT
  • MCU Controlled PLL, high accuracy and stability or video carrier and audio subcarrier.
  • Audio subcarrier selectable: 5.5 MHz, 6.0 MHz, 6.5 MHz.
  • With RF loop input and auto storage at power outage.
  • LED Channel number display.
  • Double side band modulation for non-adjacent usage.
  • Output level adjustable Max. output 90 dB
  • DSB Agile Modulator
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • Screening factor: 5-2150MHz≥100dB
  • Double copper pipe protection, high-screening factor
  • Built-in O-ring, high water-proof effect
  • Active combiner
  • 16 ways for CATV, +3dB, 220V
  • Specially designed for CATV headend
  • High Isolation between channels
  • Passive combiner
  • COM 16EX, 16 ways for CATV
  • Low Inserstion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • -20dB Test Point
  • 19" EIA Rack Mountable
  • Easy Installation