Video Conferencing System


  • 4-Site Connection (KX-VC1300)/ 10-Site Connection (KX-VC1600)
  • Participation in videoconferences using mobile devices
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Connect to a sub-camera to share zoom and still images
  • Low Bandwidth Communication Support
  • External Control Interface
  • Wireless Communication
  • 360˚ direction recognition
  • Capture direction and movement of sound and reproduce exactly at receiver side
  • Approx. 4m (radius) of pickup range
  • For using with HD-VCS KX-VC600
  • Analogue Boundary Microphone
  • A compact, economical and high-grade stereo microphone
  • Small Conference Room
  • Compact size with 75mm diameter
  • Approx. 2m (radius) of pickup range
  • For using with HD-VCS KX-VC300 & KX-VC600
  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • Pan / Tilt, Pan: ±100°, Tilt: ±20°
  • Extra Wide Horizontal Angle of View: 85°
  • Suitable for medium conference room
  • 12x Optical Zoom
  • Suitable for large conference room